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A fanlisting is a web clique that lists fans of a particular subject. Unlike most web cliques, a person does not need a web site in order to join.

The Anime Fanlistings Network is a directory comprised of anime and manga fanlistings.

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If you got to this page using any other means than the main apply page (the one with all the categories listed), you risk your application not making it to the appropriate staffer. Don't rely on your memory or a bookmarked page — we sometimes change the email accounts or the names of the categories. You might see the form but it will send to the catch-all account and we can't tell which categories they are supposed to go to.

Sometimes you will not see the category in the apply form, if this happens, go back to the Categories Apply Page and click on the link again. If you don't see the category your application WILL NOT get to the correct staffer!!!

Items/Locations Requirements

  • Please make sure you've read the rules carefully and checked the approved section before applying.
  • If you're applying for more than one fanlisting, please use a separate form for each fanlisting you want.
  • If the fanlisting you want fits into more than one category, please apply in both categories. Please check the rules for more information.
  • You may submit only six applications at a time for all categories. If you have already sent in six applications in any of the categories on this network, you may not apply again until they are either approved or rejected. If you already have six fanlistings on upcoming, there is no point in applying because you cannot be approved for anything further.
  • Groups of items are not approvable if they can be broken down individually.
  • The following are not considered approvable items: costumes (such as the outfits in Sailormoon), attacks and abilities (only physical weapons can be approved), physical body parts, and any object that the staffer may feel is not unique to the series or does not play an important role.
  • The location must be significant and, for the most part, unique to the series.
  • No Alternate Universes will be approved for locations.
  • Concerning places that exist in real life: for the most part, we will not be approving locations that you can find in day to day life. An example of this would be Tokyo or Tokyo Tower. The only way that an existing location will be approved is if it is significantly different from the real-life place.
  • Locations in the past are not approvable. Likewise, applying for a time period is not approvable. You can, however, apply for a location that is in the future. The reason for this is that locations in the past tend to overlap real places whereas locations in the future are creative because there is no way of what places will actually exist then.
  • You are allowed to apply for a larger location and then a smaller location (for example, a country and then a city in the country) so long as they are both significant to the series.
  • Please provide the full Japanese title of the series you're applying for in the Subcategory field of the application.

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