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A fanlisting is a web clique that lists fans of a particular subject. Unlike most web cliques, a person does not need a web site in order to join.

The Anime Fanlistings Network is a directory comprised of anime and manga fanlistings.

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Fanlistings: General:

What is a fanlisting?
A fanlisting is a web clique that lists fans of a particular subject. Unlike most web cliques, a person does not need a web site in order to join. Fans from around the world submit their information to their approved fanlisting and they are then listed to show their love for the subject.

If my fanlisting is listed here, is it "official"?
No, it is not. The only way a fanlisting is "official" is if has been deemed so by the subject of the fanlisting. In order to avoid misrepresentation, do NOT use the word "official" to describe your fanlisting. You can use the alternative "The TAFL-approved fanlisting for [subject]" or something similar. This is a big deal - we have had emails in the past from the representatives of artists complaining that their client didn't give permission for the fanlisting to be official!

Am I allowed to use a program to help me, like Enthusiast, or an auto-add program/guestbook?
It is up to you whether you update your list manually or use a specific program that allows people to join and you approve from an admin panel (like Enthusiast or BellaBuffs). However, auto-add scripts (scripts that add people as soon as they submit their information) and guestbooks are not permitted. This is to ensure that members lists are not neglected and remain regularly updated, particularly since auto-add scripts usually do not have "last updated" dates that correspond to when they were last edited/modified.

Can you host my fanlisting?
TAFL does not provide hosting but there a number of sites that do. You can check out the Hosting section in our Links Center for sites that host fanlistings.

Why is it mandatory to list countries?
The intent of a fanlisting is to list fans from around the world. Listing the country a fan is from shows just how far-reaching a fanlisting subject is. This has been a rule since the beginning of The Fanlistings Network, and so extends to fanlistings listed at TAFL as well.

Do I have to list everyone who joins my fanlisting, even if I hate their website, they use an obviously fake name, or they don't put in my required password for reading the rules?
Yes, it is mandatory that you must list all members regardless of their site, name, email, etc. You can choose not to add their site or email, but their name and country MUST be added to your fanlisting. You can modify the name if it is offensive, has numbers, etc. Plus, remember a lot of people online use a nickname for various reasons, and you should be willing to accept reasonable nicknames (Stormy and Mystic are good examples).

Can I use a script to show my last update date?
Scripts like Enthusiast will automatically show your most recent update date. However, any script or code (such as javascript) that takes the date from either your server or the visitor's computer CANNOT be used. If you use a script like that, you are in breach of our rules, and your fanlisting will end up on our troubles list.

When do I build the fanlisting?
You are free to start building the fanlisting once you have received your approval email.

How do I make a join form?
You can use the join form that are part of scripts such as Enthusiast, or you can use the email form services that are provided for free by sites such as Response-o-matic.com. You can see a list of these sites and scripts that you can use in our Links Center, under Resources.

Why do you have the "one fanlisting per subject rule"?
Our slogan 'Uniting the Fans' actually applies to the individual fanlistings, which 'unite the fans', by grouping together all the fans of that one subject. If there were, for example, 70 fanlistings for Sailor Moon all listed at TAFL, people would join the prettiest fanlisting or the one first on the list, but more than likely not every fanlisting. It wouldn't be a good way of uniting all of the fans of one subject if they were all spread out through 70 different fanlistings. The network isn't really uniting all the fans - the Sailor Moon fanlisting is! We're helping the fans to 'unite' by giving them one central place to join to show that they're a fan. We do this for the reasons mentioned above, and to keep the network manageable. Nobody is left out when it comes to being a fan, because everyone is allowed to join every fanlisting. We don't have a problem with there being 70 or even 3,000 fanlistings dedicated to one single topic, but we do just select the one to be listed at our network. It's the way things have been from the start of The Fanlistings Network, and as it stands, there aren't any plans to change that.

Hey! You said only one fanlisting per subject, but I found two fanlistings on the list for [subject] and they are owned by different people. What's going on?
There could be a couple of reasons for this. It could be that the fanlistings appear to be similar but they do in fact cover different aspects of the subject. Unfortunately at times errors occur, and we accidentally double-approve a fanlisting. It can happen because people apply for the same subject but use different names for it, or they apply in different categories for it. We do try to rectify this situation when it occurs, but unfortunately sometimes they do slip through.

What does it mean if a fanlisting is not linked in the Approved pages?
The Approved pages list ALL the approved fanlistings whether or not they have been finished. If a fanlisting is not linked, it just means that it is upcoming.

Fanlistings: Applications:

I applied for a fanlistings ## weeks ago and still haven't heard back. What can I do?
If the category hasn't been updated, then just wait until the category is updated. Sometimes it can take more than the standard two weeks for you to receive a reply, especially in the larger categories. If you don't see your fanlisting added, read the comments that the staff have left with the update. Generally, our staff will let you know if it's a complete update or not, and whether you need to resubmit your applications. If they say that they have processed all applications in their inbox, then you will need to resubmit your application. You can also check the Category Status page and the category's forum to find out whether the category you applied to is on hiatus or delayed, etc.

How do I apply for a fanlisting?
First, check the Approved section to make sure that the fanlisting you would like to make is not already approved and listed. Then read the main Rules and the category-specific rules (on the Application form) to make sure you can follow them. Finally, fill out the Application. Once you receive approval, you can start making your fanlisting.

The fanlisting I applied for has appeared on the upcoming list but I have received no approval/rejection email. How do I find out if I was approved?
All staffers are required to respond to all applications, whether it's with an approval email or a rejection e-mail. If you haven't heard back, 1) check your spam/bulk/junk box, since some e-mails by AFL.com get marked as spam, especially if you're on AOL or use Hotmail, or 2) use the Your FLs page to see what approvals are attached to the email address you submitted. As a last resort, you can e-mail the staffer with your name, e-mail address, and the subject for which you applied, asking if you were approved for the fanlisting. You can send an email to any of the categories via the Contact Us page.

Can I make a fanlisting for a subject that is already listed?
No, you cannot apply for a fanlisting if it's already listed any of our lists. We only accept one fanlisting per subject.

Can I apply for a fanlisting on the Troubles List?
No, fanlistings on our Troubles List are still listed in our Approved section. You must wait for the fanlisting to be removed completely from our directory before applying.

Can I apply for an Anti-Fanlisting?
No. The Anime Fanlistings Network is a network for people who are a fan of something, not for people who hate or dislike something.

I want to apply for a subject that falls into more than one category. What do I do?
In this case, you will need to apply to all the categories that your fanlisting subject would fall into. However, you must also state in the comments field which other categories you applied to so that the staff members know that it will be a cross listing.

Not only does my subject fall into more than one category, it could fit into categories on both AnimeFanlistings.com and TheFanlistings.org! What do I do now?
In this case, you will need to apply to all the categories that your fanlisting subject would fall into, on both networks. TAFL staffers are NOT responsible for cross-listing subjects between the two networks; it is the owner's responsibility to see that their subject is listed in every appropriate place. Examples of subjects that could be listed on both networks include Pokémon monsters (TFL: Games, TAFL: Characters), an opening themesong from an anime series (TFL: Songs, TAFL: Songs), or a character from a series that had live-action versions as well as anime (TFL: Characters: TV, TAFL: Characters.)

Why can't I apply for Manga of, Characters of, Bishounen Characters, Super-Deformed (SD) Characters, etc.?
We don't allow fanlistings for Manga of, Characters of, Bishounen of, etc. because they are covered by other fanlistings or are too general. Manga of is covered by the fanlisting for the manga-ka him/herself, while Characters of, Bishounen Characters and Super-Deformed Characters are too general.

Where do I apply for Live Action TV shows, Sentai, and Musicals based on anime/manga series?
These should be applied for at TheFanlistings.org. TAFL is for anime and manga fanlistings only. Although live action shows and musicals may be based on anime/manga, they are nevertheless not anime/manga. All fanlistings related to the live action shows and musicals (for example, characters specific to the shows/musicals and songs for the shows/musicals) should also be applied for at TFL.

A series that I want to apply for (or its characters, relationships, music, etc.) has sexually explicit material. Does the fanlisting belong in the Adult category?
Series (and their characters, relationships, etc.) are not listed in Adult soley based on sexual content. Instead, if a series contains sexual or extremely violent content, where the series was published will determine if it will be listed in the Series category or the Adult category. For example, a series like Haou Airen that was published in Sho-Comi (Shougakukan), a magazine for high school-aged teenagers, will be listed in the Series category; a series like Love Mode, which was published in BexBoy (Biblos), a magazine for adults, will be listed in the Adult category. If a series belongs in Adult, so do its characters, relationships, songs, etc.

What happens when there are a lot of applications for one subject? Is it first come, first served?
No. If a subject receives many applications, it's not necessarily given to the first person who applies. We judge the applications on many different factors, such as the person's html skills, level of fanness (judged by comments etc.), number of fanlistings on upcoming, number of fanlistings in the fandom, etc. The list goes on, and each staffer weighs these factors differently. There is no specific, uniform formula on who gets selected, but every staffer makes the choices he or she believes is best.

Why must I have HTML and graphic experience?
Because a fanlisting is a website, we need to know that you know how to build a website and make the images and codes that are needed on a fanlisting. We don't provide the materials to build a fanlisting, so it's all up to you to get the site built.

I don't have a website at the moment. How am I supposed to prove that I have HTML and graphics skills?
If you don't own or run a website when you apply, what you could do to show that you have the required knowledge is sign up at for a free web hosting account and build a temporary one-page site that will show us that you have the required skills.

Why do you keep rejecting me!?
It's unfortunate that we have to reject people for fanlistings they apply for, but it's what has to be done if more than one person applies for a fanlisting. If you've received more than one rejection from us, please don't take it personally. It may be due to a number of reasons -- the most likely one is that there was more than one applicant for the fanlisting and the one chosen was either a bigger fan, had fewer fanlistings on upcoming, had superior html skills etc.

When I applied for ___ it was not on the approved list, I checked! And now I get a rejection saying someone already has it. Why wasn't I approved, when it wasn't on the list?
Just because something isn't listed on the approved (current or upcoming) list, doesn't mean that the staffer hasn't received any applications. When a staffer processes applications, they go through all applications for a particular subject and approve the person that they feel is best suited for that fanlisting. The staffer then sends out rejection letters to the others.

How are applications approved?
Each staffer uses a different method to decide on applications. The process isn't a quick one and there is no 'special way' to get approved. Some things that are used to decide applications are: number of fanlistings currently, number of fanlistings on upcoming, number of fanlistings in the category, number of fanlistings on the topic, history with the network (this refers to continuous troubles rather than problems with the staffers), html experience (we want to know you can already build a site), "fan-ness" (comments help sometimes), etc. Sometimes, if the decision is difficult, the staffer may consult another staffer or the senior staff for guidance. It is definitely a subjective process, but all staffers use common sense and good judgment when processing applications.

Do staffers get preference for fanlistings?
No. In many cases being on staff means that you don't apply or get approved for fanlistings as staffers sometimes feel obligated not to apply! But when other staffers do apply we treat all applicants the same and the best person for the fanlisting is chosen. If a staffer wants to apply for something in his/her own category but there are multiple applicants, he/she contacts the Senior Staff or another staffer to make the decision for that particular fanlisting.

Fanlistings: Adoption:

What do I do if I want to give up one of my fanlistings?
First you need to let people know that it's available for adoption. You can do a number of things to advertise this. You can advertise it right on your fanlisting, e-mail current members of the fanlisting, or announce it on your weblog. You can also announce it on the The Anime Fanlistings Network LiveJournal Community, or the Adoption Centre Forum on the TAFL Message Board. People who are interested in your fanlisting(s) can email you their applications, and you will then need to decide whom you will give your fanlisting to. Once the new owner has the fanlisting up and running, it's your responsibility as the former owner to send in a moved form to TAFL with your own details in the Name and Email fields, and then provide us with the new owner's details in the Comments field. We will then change over the ownership of the fanlisting to the new owner.

How do I adopt a fanlisting?
If there is a fanlisting you wish to adopt in our Adoption Centre Forum, you will need to email the owner of the fanlisting your application as outlined by the fanlisting owner. If you are selected to adopt the fanlisting, it's your responsibility to get the fanlisting up and running in a timely manner. Once the new adopted fanlisting is opened, you must get in contact with the previous owner and provide them with your details and the new URL. Remember, the OWNER of the fanlisting is whoever is LISTED IN THE DATABASE. It is the responsibility of the owner to send in a moved form (as explained above) which will hand over the ownership of the fanlisting to you. The owner MUST be the one who fills out the moved form in the fanlisting adoption process.

What fanlistings CAN'T be put up for adoption?
The only fanlistings that cannot be put up for adoption are UPCOMING fanlistings. The person approved for this fanlisting must send in a closed form if they are no longer interested in creating this fanlisting.

Fanlistings: Troubles:

I clicked on a fanlisting to join it, but the site comes up with a 404/403/etc error. What do I do?
Fill out the form on the Report Page. The staff member in charge will follow up on this.

I came across a fanlisting claiming to be the TAFL approved fanlisting for that subject, but it's not listed here. What's going on?
It is possible that the site has just not been added to the list yet, you can always contact the staffer and ask them what is going on. It is also possible that the fanlisting was once approved by us, but for one reason or another it was removed due to a rules violation. There are, however, lots of fanlistings out there that haven't actually been approved by us. That doesn't mean they shouldn't exist, it just means they won't be added to this site - either because a fanlisting for that subject already exists, or the owner hasn't even applied to be listed! :)

The [subject] fanlisting has been on the upcoming list for more than a month, what is up?
Fanlistings should be completed within one month, but you can apply for extensions. The decision to allow an extension is made by the staff member in charge of the category based a multitude of things, the most important being: the popularity of the subject and the reason given for the request. Extensions are only for situations such as sickness, exams, family problems, etc.! We will not give you an extension if you've applied for too many fanlistings at once! Extensions are meant for people who can't finish their site in time due to unexpected events out of their control.

Why did you put my site on the troubles list? I work very hard. Why?
There are a number of reasons why a site may be put on the troubles list. If you are updating your site regularly, the reasons it's in trouble may be that you don't provide a link back to The Anime Fanlistings, you have unfair rules, etc. You will receive an email when your fanlisting is placed on the troubles list which will detail the violation of our rules that your fanlisting has made.

Why was my site removed without warning?
Your site will never be removed from TAFL without warning. We do send an email when your site is placed on troubles detailing the reasons why, and we send out another email a couple of days before it is due to be removed. If you didn't receive these emails it could be that your email address has changed since you applied for the fanlisting, and you haven't let us know of the change. We can only contact you with the email address that is in our database, which is usually the email you applied with (if you haven't emailed us to change it). It's always important that you keep your contact details with us current. It's also a very good idea to keep checking our troubles lists to make sure your fanlistings aren't listed. Also, some servers consider TAFL email to be spam or bulk mail. Make sure you periodically check your spam/bulk/junk box, since some e-mails by TAFL get marked as spam, especially if you're on AOL. If you aren't sure whether or not you are receiving email from TAFL, you can always contact a staff member via the Contact Us page and ask to have a test email sent to you. And sometimes emails can go astray, these situations are beyond our control.

I know I'm supposed to update once every two months, but what if no one joins for over two months?
This is a problem for some of the less popular fanlisting topics. If no one joins during that time period, all you need to do is add a little notice to your fanlisting which states that no one is joining. Make sure you date that notice so we can see that you've checked the site, but there have been no additional members. This will also let visitors know that the site is being maintained.

Why is my fanlisting being removed? It was put in Troubles, but I fixed it!
All fanlistings are subject to a "three strikes rule." Fanlistings that are placed on Troubles three times for the same (or similar) problem will be removed from the network on the third time. The fanlisting owner will not be allowed to reapply for the fanlisting after it is removed. This rule is to ensure that all fanlistings remain consistently updated and maintained.

Site: General:

What is the Anime Fanlistings Network?
The Anime Fanlistings Network is a fanlistings directory comprised of the anime and manga fanlistings that were formerly listed at The Fanlistings Network. Originally a part of TFL, The Anime Fanlistings Network came into being in April 2004, when the TFL Senior Staff approached Danielle with the idea of forming a separate network for Anime/Manga, to better accommodate the category's needs and future growth. Though it is now hosted apart from TFL with its own staff, the two networks are closely tied as partner sites.

How can I be notified when the site is updated?
You can subscribe to the Announcements List and you will be notified every time an update is posted. If you use Livejournal, you can add (feed name) to your friends list, and you will see new updates as they are posted on the site.

How can I link back to your site?
You can either link back with a text link or one of our linking banners.

I've got an idea for a new category, whom do I contact?
You can post a message at our message board in the Suggestions Box forum. All suggestions are taken into consideration.

How does your database script work? Can I download it to use on my site?
The database script was written by Sasha for exclusive use by The Fanlistings Network and The Anime Fanlistings Network. At the moment it is not available for distribution.

I just want to join fanlistings...where can I do that?
Just click on the navigation button to your left that says "Approved FLs", under The Listings. There you will find all approved fanlistings. The current fanlistings are hyperlinked and all ready for you to join. The unlinked fanlistings are currently being built and will be linked once they are completed.

I love your site, will you link me?
No. At the moment, we're only including links to sites that can be useful to fanlisting owners (The Links Center), no personal sites.

I've got a good/useful site for the Links Center, how can I add it?
Send the link by using the Contact Us page. We'll check it out, and if we agree with you that it's useful, we'll add it to the Links Center. :)

TAFL must be expensive to run! How can I donate to keep it running?
TAFL IS expensive to run, and we do welcome donations from our visitors. At the moment, you can donate to us via Paypal, shop on Amazon via our Associates link, or bid on our eBay auctions (all proceeds go to TAFL!) For more information, please click here.

Can I contact a mangaka, seiyuu, anime company, or anime/manga translation company through The Anime Fanlistings?
NO!!! We here at TAFL have no contact with or infomation on any mangaka, voice actor, animation or production company, etc. We are just a web directory for anime and manga fanlisting sites. We have no affiliation with anyone or any company within the anime and manga industry, whether in Japan, the United States, or any other country.

Site: Staff:

Who runs The Anime Fanlistings Network?
The network is currently run by a group of 5 staff members, each taking care of individual categories or other sections of the site. We also have a staff of 10 trouble checkers that help us check the over 3,000 listed fanlistings. The network was created in the summer of 2004, when the Senior Staff of The Fanlistings Network handed the creation of a separate network just for Anime and Manga fanlistings to Danielle, the founder and original network owner. Danielle retired on December 31, 2007, and Rosemary took over as network owner. Currently, TAFL's network owner is Buruma, who is responsible for the network's hosting and bills. Buruma, Jackie, Tec, and Mitzrael currently make up the Senior Staff, and they take care of staff management, technical matters, and the day-to-day running of the network as a whole.

I want to help out! How can I become a staff member?
Well, thank you! We appreciate the volunteers since they are what makes up this whole network. At the moment, though, we have an existing list of people wanting to be a staff member. You can still apply to be a Volunteer, but the chance that we'll contact you anywhere in the near future is fairly small. Please visit the Volunteers section for further information on staff requirements and how to apply.

How can I contact one of the staff members?
You can contact the staff of all the categories via the contact us page. You can also contact the Senior Staff for important issues relating to TAFL via the same form.

I disagree with a staffer's comments or decision, who can I contact?
If you have a problem with one of our staff or our processes, you can contact the Senior Staff about it via the contact us page.

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