The Seiyuu category here at The Anime Fanlistings Network has been dissolved, and the subjects moved into the Actors and Actresses categories at This move represents our efforts to work more closely with our partners at TFL, and to list subjects in the most appropriate category, on the most appropriate network. In the case of Seiyuu listings, we feel that they are better served by being listed in Actors and Actresses, as that is where other voice actors/actresses are listed, and most Seiyuu listings are already cross-listed between networks.

As this network is focused specifically on Japanese animation and comics, and closely related subjects, we are doing our best to separate out what subjects truly fit this scope, and what subjects (while moderately related) are better served at our partner network. Our goal is to compliment, and not overlap, The Fanlistings Network, and we are working to return subjects not falling under our specific focus back to an appropriate category at TFL. (The move of Seiyuu is also due in part to a vocal minority of visitors and fans, who feel that TAFL is being biased by listing only Japanese voice-actors, and thus we feel it best for the network if the point of contention is removed entirely.)

All existing seiyuu fanlistings are still approved, but now listed by TFL, and any further communication regarding these subjects should be directed to the Actors and Actresses category staffers at The Fanlistings Network.