TAFL has Permanently Moved

Posted by the TAFL Senior Staff at 8:55 pm UTC [Permalink]
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As you may have noticed, TAFL has been down due to issues with our domain registrar. Unfortunately, those issues have yet to be resolved, so we are moving TAFL to a new domain: http://www.animefanlistings.com/ This move will be permanent.

We require all TAFL fanlistings to update their links to http://www.animefanlistings.com/ We will be giving fanlisting owners a 1-month grace period to change their TAFL links, after which we will be troubling fanlistings for incorrect TAFL links.

No forms or e-mails should have been lost during the downtime, but you may want to check with TAFL staffers to see if they received your forms. (Remember that you can check your pending fanlisting applications yourself.)

The board has moved to http://board.animefanlistings.com/ Due to a change in forum scripts, you will have to reset your password.

If you encounter any problems with the main TAFL website, please e-mail us at seniorstaffers@animefanlistings.com with a description of the problem.

We apologize for the inconvenience on our members and visitors and thank you for your patience.

ETA: Please also check your spam/junk e-mail folders for e-mails from our site. Gmail, for example, has been placing Troubles e-mails in spam folders.