New Rules regarding Temporary Layouts and Codes/Buttons

Posted by the TAFL Senior Staff at 4:47 pm UTC [Permalink]
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The Anime Fanlistings Network is implementing new rules regarding temporary layouts and codes/buttons effective immediately.

Temporary Layouts
– You are allowed to use “temporary layouts” for a limited period of time.
– If you can’t finish your layout by the due date, you can still submit a Finished form and your fanlisting will be processed as finished as usual.
– Your temporary/incomplete layout *must* still include a way for members to join the fanlisting, a members list with countries, a last update date, and a link back to TAFL.
– A non-temporary/”complete” layout must have both a header and a css/style sheet. However, your layout will NOT be considered non-temporary/complete if it is based on a template and/or obviously put together in a hurry with a simple header image, minimal styling, and no codes. It is in the category staffers’ discretion whether your layout is temporary/incomplete, but you can contact the Senior Staffers if you dispute the Troubles e-mail.
You will have two months from your fanlisting’s initial approval date to finish the layout and e-mail the F/U/C staffer. If you fail to do so, your fanlisting will still be listed, but your layout will be considered incomplete. Your fanlisting will then be subject to the normal Troubles process.

All fanlistings are required to have at least 3 graphical codes/buttons total. These graphical codes can be any combination of the standard sizes (50×50, 75×50, and 100×50).

These rules will be retroactive and apply to all existing fanlistings. Fanlistings with temporary layouts still up after two months from their initial approval date will be subject to the normal Troubles process, and there will not be any grace period for existing fanlistings. For the codes/buttons rule, existing fanlistings will be given a one month grace period (i.e. until February 14, 2017).

Please note that these rules are DIFFERENT from The Fanlistings Network’s. As a reminder, The Anime Fanlistings Network is a separate network from TFL, and so we have different rules and policies.