Items/Locations: Troubles (Pending removal)

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This is a complete update of troubled fanlistings for the Items/Locations category. If you have submitted a form and have not heard back from me, please resubmit at this time.

Removed from Troubles – Problem Resolved
Karigurashi no Arietti (The Secret World of Arrietty): The Dollhouse; Yuugiou (Yu-Gi-Oh!): Cards: Silent Magician;

The owners of the following fanlistings have 24 hours to fix their problems AND reply to the troubles email to avoid their fanlistings be removed from the network.

Pending Removal (NOT open for application)
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Ginzuishou; Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Star Locket; Inu Yasha: Miroku’s Kazaana (Wind Tunnel); Shin Kidousenki Gundam W (Gundam Wing): Gundam: Sandrock/Sandrock Custom;