Characters N-Z: A/F/U/C/O

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This is a complete update of all Applications and F/U/C forms, as well as a partial Overdue update.

Upcoming Characters N-Z
Pokemon: Pocket Monsters: Erikiteru (Helioptile); Pokemon: Pocket Monsters: Iwark (Onix); Pokemon: Pocket Monsters: Rukario (Lucario); Yu Yu Hakusho (The Ghost Files/The Poltergeist Report): Kuwabara Kazuma

Finished Characters N-Z
Pokemon: Pocket Monsters: Iibui (Eevee); Pokemon: Pocket Monsters: Lugalgan (Lycanroc); Saiyuki: Gensomaden Saiyuki: Genjo Sanzo

Updated Characters N-Z
No forms received.

Closed Characters N-Z (OPEN for application)
Neko Majin Z: Kuriza; Number: Anzu; Samurai Drive: Kokonoe Haruma; Suki-tte Ii na Yo (Say I Love You): Kitagawa Megumi; Tokyo Ravens: Kurahashi Kyouko; Umineko no Naku Koro ni (When Seagulls Cry): Ushiromiya Lion; World Trigger: Midorikawa Shun; Yuugiou (Yu-Gi-Oh!): Kaiba Noa

Overdue (NOT open for application)
The following fanlistings are too long on upcoming and are scheduled for removal April 25, 2017. If your fanlisting is listed below, please submit a Finished form.

One Piece: Vinsmoke Sanji; Pokemon: Pocket Monsters: Riifia (Leafeon)

Removed from Troubles (OPEN for application)
Pokemon: Pocket Monsters: Nyabby (Litten)