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A fanlisting is a web clique that lists fans of a particular subject. Unlike most web cliques, a person does not need a web site in order to join.

The Anime Fanlistings Network is a directory comprised of anime and manga fanlistings.

Come and join our community!


If you got to this page using any other means than the main apply page (the one with all the categories listed), you risk your application not making it to the appropriate staffer. Don't rely on your memory or a bookmarked page — we sometimes change the email accounts or the names of the categories. You might see the form but it will send to the catch-all account and we can't tell which categories they are supposed to go to.

Sometimes you will not see the category in the apply form, if this happens, go back to the Categories Apply Page and click on the link again. If you don't see the category your application WILL NOT get to the correct staffer!!!

General Requirements

  • Please make sure you've read the rules carefully and checked the approved section before applying.
  • If you're applying for more than one fanlisting, please use a separate form for each fanlisting you want.
  • If the fanlisting you want fits into more than one category, please apply in both categories. Please check the rules for more information.
  • You may submit only six applications at a time for all categories. If you have already sent in six applications in any of the categories on this network, you may not apply again until they are either approved or rejected. If you already have six fanlistings on upcoming, there is no point in applying because you cannot be approved for anything further.
  • NO "BISHOUNEN CHARACTERS". NO "CHIBI CHARACTERS". NO "ANIME EYES". No "Pink-Haired Characters" or "Anime Grrlz" or "Super-Deformed Characters" or "Sexy Manga Boys" or ANYTHING OF THE SORT. We do NOT accept general/generic character groupings, please don't apply for them.
  • Companies:
    • Only companies directly related to anime/manga will be accepted.
  • Magazines:
    • Only magazines directly related to anime/manga will be accepted. Fanzines and doujinshi should be applied for in the Fanstuff category.
    • When there are different versions or publications of a magazine (for example, Newtype Japan and Newtype USA, or Weekly Jump and Monthly Jump) please state which specific version you are applying for.
  • Toys/Collectibles:
    • Please note that we are only accepting anime/manga related toys and collectibles. The one exception to this is anime/manga videogames; these go into the Games category at TFL.org. Sanrio, San-X, and other mascot character goods should be applied for in the Toys/Collectibles category at TFL.org.
    • General types of anime-related toys and collectibles will be accepted, as well as toy and collectible lines that are independant of specific series (such as Pinky Street and Kubricks). General toy lines may be approved or cross-listed at TFL.org if they are not exclusively anime-related or if they also tie in to videogames or other merchandise.
    • Anime goods can be general, covering all toys and collectibles for a series, or they can be for a type of toy/collectible, such as action figures, dolls, models, etc. Please apply in this format - "Series: Goods" (ie, Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: Goods, Naruto: Shitajiki, Gundam: Models). Make sure you give me the full name of the series and tell me in the comments any alternative names it might be known under (such as dub names or shortened series names).
    • Not acceptable: fanlistings for the artbooks of a specific series; fanlistings for toys or collectibles of a specific manga-ka or company; fanlistings for toys or collectibles of a specific anime/manga character or character group; Sanrio, San-X, or other mascot character goods. Specific artbooks may be approvable at the staffer's discretion.
  • Websites:
    • Specific websites only. A fanlisting for cliques, websites, blogs, domains or fan sites in general, for example, would be applied for at TheFanlistings.org, in the Computers, Internet and Appliances.
    • What is not approved in Websites: personal sites, domains and/or blogs (apply --> TFL.org: Webmasters); international versions of websites (Paypal.co.uk, Amazon.de, etc.), general types and versions of websites (cliques, websites, blogs, domains or fan sites), MSN Groups, or Yahoo groups.
    • In the comments section of the application form please put the following: title of the website, URL of the website, and the focus of the website.
    • You cannot build a fanlisting for a fanlisting. The only exceptions are if the fanlisting is part of a fansite or has enough 'extra' content to make it a fansite, and then these would be applied for as fan sites.

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