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This is a complete update of troubles for the Fanstuff category

Troubled Fanstuff (NOT OPEN for application)
The following fanlistings are scheduled for removal on 23rd August, 2017. If your fanlisting is listed below, please fix the problem AND reply to the troubles email!

Codes: lacking at least 3
Inu Yasha Fanfiction: Higurashi Kagome & Inu Yasha (All) (Fanfiction); Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed Doujinshi: Athha Cagalli Yula & Yamato Kira (All) (Doujinshi); Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed Fanfiction: Athha Cagalli Yula & Yamato Kira (All) (Fanfiction)

Inactivity: 2 Months + (0 Pending)
Inu Yasha Fanfiction (All) (Fanfiction)